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Rina + Bram {Couture Shoot Rome, Italy}

This post has been a long time coming. For a couple of months we had to keep it top secret as we couldn't spill the beans ad risk Rina finding out! One of our grooms contacted me asking if Maria and I would be willing to travel to Rome to surprise his fiancé, Rina with the most romantical Couture Engagement Shoot ever in Rome, Italy. They actually live in the Netherlands, so Rome is just a quick plane ride over! Maria and I were absolutely ecstatic, but had the hardest time keeping it in! With yours truly never even being to Europe, I could hardly hold it in, in fact, I didn't! When asked what I had in store for the fall on an online interview, I mentioned that we would be traveling to Europe for a Couture Shoot. So my big mouth almost spoiled it when I got an email from Bram stating that Rina {a beloved blogstalker!} had read my interview and wanted to ask us if we would have time to shoot their engagement session while in Europe. EEKKK!!!!! Thankfully Bram is very quick on his feet and completely diverted her somehow to where she didn't get suspicious!

So, Maria and I decided to make a mini vacation out of the trip since neither, myself or my husband had ever been. The plan was that the first night we got in we would meet them and pull a little Stacey and Clinton on Rina then shoot the next day. I was completely out of it for the reveal, we had arrived in the afternoon, passed out and woke up just in time to shower and get dolled up for our surprise. Maria and I were so excited, but a little nervous too that we would freak Rina out with pretty much NO notice to prep for her engagement shoot. I was also worried she wouldn't even know who we were! But... needless to say, the minute we walked in the door Rina was completely in shock. There were tears, laughter and incredible food! It was a very surreal moment, one in which I will never forget.

We woke up the next morning ready to rock the shoot. Not only was it incredible to photograph the love that Rina and Bram share, but looking through the lens with them was the first time I had ever seen or experienced Rome. Like I said before, it was quite surreal and I really can't wait for the big day. Thank you guys so much for opening yourselves up to us and allowing me to photograph your love. I am forever grateful.

As you can imagine, we squeezed in as many sites as possible... First up: Vintage at the Pantheon

Every single part of Rome was breathtaking - even the streets of stone!

Can't go wrong with an alleyway!

Ah yes, the Coliseum! CRAZY!!!! So much larger in real life!

A little coffee break at one of the Bars! {it took me a few days to realize that all the signs that said BAR in huge red letters weren't referring to alcohol!

A shot of their hotel room, right before our last outfit change!

The piazza in front of the Pantheon, a very busy place!

This is how the Dutch men sit, although usually not in a dirty alleyway! I just love Bram!

Is it bad that I have NO recollection of what Fountain this is??? R&B - can you remind me?

Lastly, the Spanish Steps, some dude kept sticking a rose in Rina's hand. He wouldn't get out of the shot until she took it! It's very fitting though :)

My favorite shot of the night, it just sums up all of the emotion from the day. This will definitely be making it's way onto my wall in a large canvas gallery wrap!

Thank you Bram for being the most romantic guy I have ever come across. Rina you deserve everything and more. Thank you both for the experience of a lifetime!
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