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UNDRESS with Jennifer Skog

I love photographing women, but what I love more is empowering women & celebrating who we are. So often we are striving to be better than we are in some way, and before you know it, years have passed & we are still reaching for something more! We are women, we work our asses off to be who we are. We are mothers, we are sisters, lovers, educators, dream-makers, protectors, girlbosses... we are brave & beautiufl & we need to celebrate where we are right now in our constant journey to become better.

Up until now, we've only offered out Boudoir Shoots as production styled photo shoots with Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe Styling. I love working and creating magic with my whole team, it truly is where I feel the most happy. But... I want to shoot MORE boudoir and I want to explore other ideas and experiences. Inspired by a photography book I purchased many years ago, 'Women Before 10am" where Veronique Vial photographed some of the world's most beautiful women in their own intimate space, bedheaded & still sleepy, no makeup, messy and real. I have always been so drawn to this idea and the realness of it so I'm adding a new shoot! UNDRESS with me :) Actually it's UNDRESS with Jennifer Skog...

This intimate experience is with just me, Jennifer Skog, and my camera for an hour photo shoot of desire and seduction. Forget about the fuss, letÂ’s stay natural & create raw, seductive, soulful portraits.

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