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MJ Lifestyle Magazine in the making

"Who the hell starts a magazine?!" I ask my sister.
Annoyed she responds "Ugh, a LOT of people!!"

After hearing her response I'm instantly brought back to every moment where I wanted to give up because it was either too hard or I just didn't think I was good enough.




Since I was a young girls these mantras have been present in my mind. However as an adult, the stakes seem so much higher, and self doubt starts to get the best of me. Where did these mantras come from? Who gave me the confidence to know that I do have it in me? Who instilled this in my mind so much so that I still use it to get out of my head?

As a mother who has her own two little ones starting off school and team sports and learning about the world, I've become familiar with my childhood once again. It somehow becomes so clear how significant being a positive voice in your child's mind is.

Every time I doubted myself, whether is be on the soccer field or a school presentation or boys teasing me, I always had my dad on the sidelines cheering me on and my mom there to hold my hand. As a kid you are so consumed with yourself and the things happening around you, you don't understand the sacrifices your parents have made for you and you certainly don't appreciate it. Mom and Dad, you have given me everything and my family everything, I'm eternally grateful for the positive influence you have on us all. Thank you.

As I embark on this new adventure - launching a Women's Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine - I'm terrified. But I also know that I am capable and I am unique and I can do anything I put my mind to. And if that little awkward girl with NO rhythm can make the cheer leading squad then this strong educated woman sure as hell can create a magazine!

We've got our hearts pounding with our newest passion project, MJLifestyle Magazine, a platform that believes in Inspiring Change by Encouraging Women to Share their Stories and Lift the Stigma. Cultivating a Positive Image for Women & Cannabis, Promoting Community, Diversity, and Radical Inclusion for all Women through Unity, Collaboration, and Creativity.

Follow along in the journey with me, I'll be sharing our steps along the way and would love to have you by our side!

For ways to share your story and get involved visit:
and follow us on Instagram @MJLifestyle

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